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Estivales and things to do in Montpellier


The new sign that summer has arrived in Montpellier is the start of ‘Les Estivales’.  For those that don’t know this phenomenon, ‘Les Estivales’ is Montpellier’s, ever growing, summer time wine festival.  Every Friday all summer from 6p.m to 11:30.  It is hard to believe that it

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A tale of two cities in one.

discovering les arceaux in montpellier

Les Arceaux is named for the arches of the aqueduct which is this neighbourhood’s central and most obvious physical feature. It is also the site of the increasing popular, mostly organic, Saturdays and Tuesday food market.  Some are promoting the nick name ‘Quartier des Bons Vivants’ for

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Book Flogging and Blogging

Comedie du Livre

The « Comedie du livre » is coming back to town this year from the 31st of May through June 3rd and this year’s special focus will be British authors.  This is great news, particularly if you are a thief of garden trowels, given the number of

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Places to go out in Montpellier for a drink

Places to go in France

If you area tippler you have a plethora of quality options in and around Montpellier.  There are many more possibilities in the libations department here now than there were even 5 years ago. Beer  If beer is your preferred poison and it takes more than the mere

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Newfoundland to Languedoc

Montpellier Market

Once upon a time I used to give English lessons and participate in various activities at the French American Center.  I still keep in regular contact with the association and many of the interesting people that I have met through it.  It was necessary to make way

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Crosscultural Differences from USA


Hello again! Even though each culture around the world is unique, there are a few things I have noticed in my travels that are consistent throughout. First of all being laughter and a sense of humor. It may sound odd, but upon returning to the United States,

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Savoir Vivre classes in Montpellier

French Lifestyle Montpellier

All around French lifestyle: Etiquette, Wines, Perfumes, tastings and cultural discoveries…. Have you ever felt uncomfortable while in French society? Did you ever notice that French have their own cultural codes? The French American Center in partnership with EAF – Etiquette à la Française offers you the

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Le pain à la banane!

Pain à la Banane

Hello all! After living in France and finding my obsession of French culture, I notice every time I do something stereotypical “American.” To name a few: having such an intense work ethic and crazy schedule every day (not as common in the beautiful south of France), enjoying

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Experience France

Experience montpellier

Experience France this summer with our wonderful program. Meet French people, learn French with a fun and interactive method. Visit the beautiful historic city of Montpellier. Be part of our friendly cultural center where you can make French Friends and develop lasting ties with France. Participate in

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Letter to an au pair

Au Pair Interviewer

I have been an interviewer for the au pair in America programme since 1991 and I still feel a lot of emotion every time I see one of my new girls has been placed and will soon be leaving for her year’s adventure of a lifetime! This

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