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Galloping great British food!

Great British Food In Montpellier

Now that the Findus company has been found out for supplying its customers with horse meat passed off as beef, no one could blame people in the U.K for shying away from foreign products returning to local comfort foods.  This is a little more difficult to do

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Converting to the small screen

French Series in France

The dead of winter is upon us.  The populace is bloated from too much Champaign and foie gras (if there is such a thing).  If you are an Anglophone living in the South of France, you have probably added travel to the list of things that contribute

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Let’s support One Billion Rising

Today, on the planet, a billion women – one of every three women on the planet – will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, and friends violated. V-Day REFUSES to stand by as more than a billion women experience

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The French American center supports One Billion Rising

1 billion rising Montpellier

« There seems to be two types of risings on the planet right now. One is a sexual violence typhoon that is impacting most countries in the world. It’s been happening forever but, like climate change, it’s suddenly impossible to ignore. I first noticed more ominous waves

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The French American Center recommends

Raymond Carver

Thanks to the cinema UTOPIA and the GRAIN DES MOTS bookshop, the domaine d’O presents the work of Raymond Carver (RC), an american short story writer and poet of the late 20th century. Robert Altman’s film ”Short cuts” and Stéphane Michaka’s novel ”Ciseau” made RC famous in

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The X-MASS Market

Christmas Market

The cold has installed in the region and the darkness descends quickly but the « marché de noel «  is back in town to keep us from the temptation of barricading ourselves indoors till spring.  Every December evening along the Esplanade Charles De Gaulle in Montpellier vendors will

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Elections Breakfast

Our American friends are all invited to our center from 8H to 12H on Wednesday 7th November to discuss the election results over breakfast. See you soon The French American Center

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Anglo franco differences

English and French Cultures

Last month in the French American Center blog the topic was the dearth of literature on the subject of differences between the Anglophone and French cultures.  The cultural comparisons have probably inspired more English writing than any other single International subject. This month I will attempt a

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The Anglo-Franco differences question

English French differences

The « je ne sais quoi » of  French and Anglophone differences. There has been an unending stream of Anglo writing trying, and usually failing, to articulate the very palpable, yet sometimes elusive, distinctions between French and Anglo world views. Of course, humerous books are written about how Americans

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Mini Breaks in the South of France

arenes de nimes

August in France is the calm before the socio-cultural phenomenon that is  « La rentrée ». If there is a word in English to explain this phenomenon I am not aware of it.  We could say “back to school” but that is only relevant in the sphere of education

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