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The Presidential Election

This year’s presidential election will be the very first that I am able to vote (as it only comes around every 4 years) and needless to say, I am not as excited as I thought I would be. From the viewpoint of a 20 year old liberal

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A big Thank You to the Black Sheep

A big thank you to the Black Sheep for their amazing welcome last night. They provided a warm welcome and lots of beers for the musicians as well as a professional and talented sound technician. They put everything in place to make our UNICEF fundraiser possible. Thanks

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Woody Allen’s video message

Watch Woody Allen say Happy Birthday to The French American Center [Total: 2    Average: 3/5]

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The Tea Party – every Month including March!

We have an expression in English about being ‘as Mad as a March Hare’. This comes from an old proverb about the way Hares behave at the start of the breeding season. It was made famous though in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. That particular March Hare

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Soirée Thanksgiving 2013

Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Joey gets his head stuck in a Turkey? When Phoebe lost her arm? Or the episode where Chandler gets his toe cut off?? These episodes are flashbacks when the gang spent time together at Thanksgiving. As seen in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Thanksgiving is

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Your French American Forum

The French American Center forum is a virtual notice board for anyone interested in cultural exchange or or offering help, advice, furniture, babysitting, apartments to share etc.. for English speaking students in the Montpellier area. If you are an anglophone you can make contact with the French

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English at French Universities

A French universities in Montpellier France

What good fun this recent debate about courses being taught in English in French universities. It all started with Genevieve Fioraso, the Minister of Higher Education, modestly suggesting a reform to an old law that was already willfully ignored by the majority of Higher Education institutions, particularly

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Palavas Les Flots, what is and isn’t on offer

Palavas les Flots

Palavas is a town that inspires one to say « looks like this would have been a nice place to visit about 50 years ago ».  That, if one has good taste, is the about the most complementary thing someone will say about the town after a quick look. 

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International Loulou calling!

Internation Lou Lou

Loulou and Philou (your very own loulous) are so exited to have opened their international deli cafe in the arceaux neighbourhood of Montpellier. At international loulou you can find Italian cold meats, anti pasti, fabulous cheddar and Stilton as well as home made carrot cake and cheesecake,

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Teach English in France

Teaching English in South of France

We are looking for charismatic, highly motivated teachers to join our team in the South of France. We offer a full in house training programme and provide teaching materials for each lesson. We employ only native speakers and offer full time work in a salaried position. Our

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